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Visually Impaired Program

One of Merpati Putih Australia Inc. mission is to provide a Special Program training for Visually Impaired student as our contribution for humanitarian values.

We are looking around 10 up to 20 visually impaired persons below 35 yrs old who live in Melbourne, to be trained as the first generation of visually impaired special program in Australia. This program is purely a contribution to Australian visually impaired community and totally free. It does not fair at all if someone who are already suffered with visually impaired has to pay for this program. If we care about humanitarian values then it is our part who are not visually impaired to support them.

Merpati Putih Australia Inc. is quite new here in Australia, as a non profit organisation all of our activities are funded voluntarily by our members and fully supported as well by Indonesian Consulate General Melbourne.

To make this program work and can spread across Australia, we will rely on donations from anybody who want to support this program. Therefore the first generation of this program is important to proof the results to the Australian public in general. It does work well in Indonesia ( please watch the video in this page ), that program has been proven sucessfully, where most of visually impaired student are able to live as a normal person within their limitation.

To avoid over expectation of this program, based on our experiences training the visually impaired students, the success rate of this program is around 40% up to 60%. It means that if we train 10 students then 4 up to 6 students are able totally independent free from their tools and can do their daily activities as normal person. The rest students result will vary depend on their motivation, attitude and individual sensitivity senses level. However, most of them are able to detect surrounding objects and can walk through the obstacle lanes.Please watch from this link, to see Merpati Putih Netherlands in regard to obstacle lanes video.

In general, objects detection is the basic achievement result for the students.


  • 6 - 35 years old
  • Parents, relatives, friend or volunteer who will become a guardian during training schedule
  • This program only for student who has strong motivation and willing to work hardly to exercise at least 15 - 30 minutes daily outside training sessions. Guardian role is important to support and to maintain student motivation.


So if you have family members or friends who are visually impaired please tell them about this program. Please let us know and send us email to special-program at merpatiputih dot com dot au or fill Contact Us Form in this page.

Kind regards,

Sjahrazad (Monchu) Alamsjah
Merpati Putih Australia Inc.

written by: Merpati Putih Melbourne, 29 March 2014

"Bright future for the visually impaired"

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