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If some one punch you, you can grab his hand twist it and bang you can attack it back. There are lot of good techniques for woman self defense that can be learnt.

However, in real danger situation, most good techniques does not work at all. In most cases, the attacker will do it quickly and suddenly, in the dark of night or in unexpected circumstances. Sometimes, under drugs influence, the attacker even has more power, more brave and lost his common sense too. This is a real danger!.

In panic situation there is no chance to think even in a second, it is to quick and suddenly. However, we still have one option, the subconsciousness. An old lady was able to jump higher during a fire, or you might run faster chased by the dog. This is a moment where the subconsciousness activated.

This program, emphasise the introduction about subconsciousness and its process, how to record your own movement into your brain and how to maintain them in vibration awareness level.

The Self Defense for Woman program consist of:

  • Inner Power Development: Specific breathing exercises to increase the amounts and the density of inner power
  • Practical Movement tactics: Introduction to Merpati Putih martial art basic movement
  • Environmental Detection: to increase student capabilities to detect surrounding environment
  • Vibration Awareness: to increase student sensitivity on their own senses
  • Movement Visualisation: to record the instinct motion into cerebellum
  • Meditation Session: sedimentation process
  • Discussion


  • $40 Once-off Enrollment Fee (non refundable)
  • $80 monthly fee for once a week class ( 6 mth ) , or,
  • $100 monthly fee for twice a week class ( 3 mth )

Others fee

  • $20 Cost of materials for breaking and testing


72 Queens Rd, Melbourne, VIC 3004, Australia (entrance from Queens Ln, see map below)

  • Every Tuesday: 20:00 - 22:00 pm
  • Every Friday: 18:00 - 20:00 pm

*For private locations, an extra travel cost will be added on top of monthly fee varies to the distance and suburbs location.

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