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Merpati Putih provides various programs, a combination of physic exercises a specific body postures with breathing techniques. Since the core of Merpati Putih is not limited only in martial art, the program also has been implemented for other purposes such as health, education and defence.

Merpati Putih Australia offers several programs for everyone, any age who want to improve their life quality and health:

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Fitness and Health

Fitness & Health program will be beneficial for anyone who wants to maintain fitness and health especially for ages 40's above. This program is not promising healing, we are not healer. FAH is a method of breathing exercises, to understand in depth how the interaction between consciousness (non physical energy) and physical body is working, which can provides the following benefits:

  • lower blood pressure & cholesterol,
  • to process and burnt fat /sugar in natural way for diabetes, hypertension and obesity
  • increasing body immunity for internal healing ability
  • reduce allergy symptoms such as asthma
  • increasing overall health, aerobic and anaerobic stamina

Schedule: 4 Grades - 20 sessions 3 month (twice a week) or 6 month (once a week) per grade.

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Meditation Practice

Generally meditation teaching offers their student the enlightenment path to understand about spiritual consciousness. For sure, this is a positive teaching. However, sometimes for the beginner the challenges are, how to implement meditation practice in their daily life activities.

Merpati Putih meditation program is not an exclusively meditation group that related to a belief system, cults or certain sectarian teachings. This program is for everyone who want to explore their own spiritual consciousness step by step in a simple way, easy to understand .

This program is not intend for you just to follow your meditation guru, this program will make you to become your own guru. Our meditation program is not promising anything, our program is only the way for you to understand yourself and how to connect your meditation practice to your daily life.

Schedule: Once a week meditation session per 2 hours

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Self Defense for Woman

Crime rates increase everywhere, we are not living in ideal world. There was a time before, we were fighting one by one in the street that's the cowboy era. Even a criminal has a litlle bit ethic they don't want to kill you for small things. In that time, If you do martial art you can use it to protect your self, families and friends.

Today, is not something like that anymore. A young kid influenced by drugs can kill you for your mobile phone. Rapers are not always hooligan from the street, anybody influences by drugs is able to change suddenly to be a criminal under that circumstances. Certain drugs even make them more power, brave and lost control.

This program is not intend to make you a martial art expert and to be a hero. Under a gun threat your martial art might be useless then it become more worst if you don't have any idea how to react.

Therefore the Woman Self Defence program is a series of exercises and discussion on how to react in certain bad situation:

  • how to record practical movements in your subconcious. In bad situation, in most cases we will not able to think, all actions will be fast and unexpected. In this situation you will rely totally to your own subconcious.
  • increase your sensitivity to the surrounding objects. This is the way on how you understand and explore your own inner power and energy.
  • to be calm, smart and make a quick right decision in time. In theory it's look easy to understand, however without meditation exercises it doesn't work in panic situation.
  • and of course how to run quickly, to get help

Schedule: 20 sessions 3 month (twice a week) or 6 month (once a week).

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Vibration Awareness

Since Merpati Putih has been promoted world wide outside its originated country Indonesia, hopefully science community world wide will be interested to support Merpati Putih to do a research of our method for:

  • Contributing in the development of moral, cultural and humanitarian values
  • Participate in the development of physical and mental health based on traditional teachings

This program can give a huge positive contribution for disabled people, emergency services, army, police and in general to the society itself. Merpati Putih is not a mystic or supra natural thing. Everyone can explore and develop their own inner energy and proof it by them self and get the benefits for their daily life.

"To Seek and To Find Tha Which Is Right, Doing In Silence"

Schedule: 1 - 3 Yrs

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Merpati Putih Martial Arts

Merpati Putih Martial Art program is for anyone (15+ yrs old) who wants seriously to develop his own capability in martial art in any level of our class. Merpati Putih Martial Art ranks will be available 5 grades in Australia:

  • Dasar 1 ( 1st Basic Level - Member Candidate Period)
  • Dasar 2 ( 2nd Basic Level)
  • Balik 1 ( 1st Redirection Level)
  • Balik 2 ( 2nd Redirection Level)
  • Kombinasi 1 (1st Combination Level)

Schedule: 4 Grades - 40 sessions 6 month (twice a week) or 1 year (once a week) per grade.

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Youth Martial Arts

This program is for youth ages 6 to 15 yrs old. Martial Art is a good way to build a self confidence, strong character and working hard generation. Merpati Putih for Youth program only work with parents involvement. In this program we will evaluate each progress development with the parent. Before attend this program, prospective students should attend a 3 sessions trial, where the instructor will give a result and recommendation to the parents whether they can be continued as a student to the program or not.

Schedule: 6 Grades - 40 sessions 6 month (twice a week) or 1 year (once a week) per grade.

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