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Free training for the Visually Impaired

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Support for the Visually Impaired

As part of Merpati Putih mission to contribute for the humanitarian values, we provide a free training program for the visually impaired to be trained as a trainer for other blind people. Please contact us if you are interested with this program, send us your details from Contact Form here.


In Australia, around one in five adults with diabetes do not know they have the condition, a new report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) shows. From survey, around four per cent of Australian adults have been told they have diabetes.

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Merpati Putih - a White Dove in English - is an Indonesian traditional spiritual knowledge, inner power development and martial arts. It was developed around 1555's inside the Javanese Royal Kingdom known as Mataram. For over 450 years this knowledge only had been passed down through generations within the kingdom family itself.

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Merpati Putih is the largest and popularly renown martial art amongst hundreds of different traditional martial arts schools in Indonesia. There are around 800 indigenous martial arts schools spread across more than 13,000 islands.

Ancient martial arts has been known in South East Asia as "Pencak Silat". Each Pencak Silat has its own styles, teachings and tradition. However, in general, the common ground for Pencak Silat concept is the combination of Art, Music, Self Defence based on the ancient culture philosophy.

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