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MP Meditation class is a small part of "meditation" itself. This session only offered the practical way to observe yourself and to understand the meaning of "who am I".

We are not offering spiritual achievements such as spirituality enlightment or inner peace, that's your part. If you feel inner peace during your daily life that's the inner peace. Nobody can teach you on that, only you will do.

What you can get from this meditation course is more on deep understanding about 'who am I" that might be you have been understood as well, we are not either a physical body nor etheric body, but we are only the consciousness itself. Beyond that point, is always a mystery, unknown thing.

MP Meditation course consist of:

  • Stretching session: Specific body posture exercises to refresh the energy flow
  • Energy Development: Specific breathing exercises to observe the flow of life energy
  • Maintenance of Energy: Specific breathing techniques to maintain self awareness
  • Deep-in Meditation: Specific breathing exercises to observe self consciousness
  • Repleneshing of Energy: Specific breathing techniques to recharge & return healthy energy to bio-energy system
  • Discussion session

Every Sunday at 4pm 2 hrs - $ 20 per session or during the week by appointment - Please call (03) 9764 3762 or email us via Contact Us form.

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