"To Seek and Find What's Right, Doing It In Silence"

Merpati Putih (MP) - a White Dove in English - is an Indonesian traditional spiritual knowledge, inner-power development, and martial arts school. Started around 1555's inside the Javanese Royal Kingdom, which was known as Mataram, for over 450 years this ancient system only had been passed down through generations within the kingdom family itself.

Breathe To Fitness

We're breathing. Even we never think how to do that it just flows naturally. However, why exploring breathing in depth is so important because it doesn't only provide us with the oxygen but it will extend our knowledge to the spiritual level, how it relates to the body, mind and consciousness experiences.

How to lose weight naturally?

Fitness and Health

Fitness & Health

Fitness and Health is a specific program that combines breathing techniques and physical exercises to balance the human energy flow. A workout routine can help you boost your life quality, lose weight and lower the risk of some diseases.
Vibration Awareness

Vibration Awareness

Vibration Awareness program provides you with the experience about your energy waves and the understanding of magnetic fields transmitted by the surrounding nature. This course will give benefits to the visually impaired person, architects, musician and arts education in general.
Martial Arts

The Ancient Martial Arts

In ASEAN countries from Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines, Thailand to Vietnam the term of traditional martial arts is well known as Pencak Silat or Silat. In the old days, most of Silat school was practised secretly only taught to the selected students and purely for self-defence purpose.


Fitness & Health Program
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